Jaryl Lim is a Director of Photography based in Vancouver, BC. His work is anchored by a deep passion for storytelling and a genuine interest in characters, people and cultures. Growing up Chinese in Singapore and having lived in London for almost a decade, his artistic tastes span continents, and form the basis of his creative approach.

Jaryl's feature film work includes the era-crossing drama Akashi (2024) dir. Mayumi Yoshida [in post-production]; occasionally surrealistic family drama Mongrels (2024) dir. Jerome Yoo [in post-production]; psychological horror Dark Nature (2022) dir. Berkley Brady, which premiered at Fantasia International Film Festival; and Love Possibly (2018) dir. Michael Boccalini & Che Grant, which won Best International Feature at Catalina Film Festival.  

Jaryl has shot commercials for clients such as London Drugs, Casinos BC, BCLC, Ziploc, Zwift, SRAM, Destination Vancouver, Revanesse, Doctors Manitoba, Westfield and Net-a-Porter. 

With nearly a decade of experience as a Director of Photography, Jaryl has worked extensively on location and in studio internationally, with HODs and crews local and foreign. He prizes adaptability and collaboration, always striving to support each director's unique vision, and just generally trying to be a good human being.

selected filmography


Dir. Mayumi Yoshida
In Post-Production
Dir. Jerome Yoo
In Post-Production
dark nature
Dir. Berkley Brady
Best Cinematography Nominee  |  Blood in the Snow Film Fest
Official Selection  |  Fantasia Film Festival 2022
love possibly
Dir. Michael Boccalini & Che Grant
Best Feature  |  London Lift-Off Festival 2018
Best Int'l Feature  |  Catalina Film Festival 2018
Best Int'l Feature  |  Laughlin Film Festival 2018
Official Selection  |  Raindance Film Festival 2018


Dir. Athena Russell & Julian LeBlanc
In Post-Production
Dir. Jessica Doucet
Official Selection  |  Fantasia Film Festival 2023
Official Selection  |  Nevermore Film Festival 2024
100 Days
Dir. Derek Kwan
Cannes Short Film Corner 2023
Dir. Kent Donguines
Best Cinematography Nominee  |  Chilliwack Film Festival
Official Selection  |  Vancouver Film Festival 2022
Official Selection  |  Whistler Film Festival 2022
Official Selection  |  Hollyshorts 2022
My Name is Arnold
Dir. Arnold Lim
Official Selection  |  Vancouver Asian Film Festival 2022
Mom vs Machine
Dir. Tesh Guttikonda
Best Cinematography  |  Vancouver Asian Film Festival 2022
Official Selection  |  Fantasia Film Festival 2022
Official Selection  |  Whistler Film Festival 2022
Official Selection  |  Hollyshorts 2022
Official Selection  |  Reelworld 2022
River Boy Blues
Dir. Jerome Yoo
Official Selection  |  Whistler Film Festival 2021
Uncle Goose Waits for a Phone Call
Dir. Kew Lin
Official Selection  |  Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2020
Official Selection  |  Nepal Film Festival 2020
Official Selection  |  SeaShorts Film Festival 2020
Him and Her
Dir. Abigail Scollay
Official Selection  |  Birmingham Film Festival 2019
Thunder Before Lightning
Dir. Conrad Gamble
Of Pets & Dinner
Dir. Kew Lin
Jury Special Prize  |  Antakya Film Festival 2019
Official Selection  |  Oberhausen Short Film Festival 2019
Official Selection  |  Cardiff Film Festival 2019
Official Selection  |  Nepal Film Festival 2019
Dir. Anastasia Berezovsky
Best Cinematography Nominee  |  Rising Above Film Festival
Outstanding Achievement  |  Calcutta Cult Film Festival 2018
Official Selection  |  London Sci-Fi Film Festival 2018
Dir. Abigail Scollay
System Failure
Dir. Anna Tombácz
Dir. Frederick Szkoda & Damian Thomas
Official Selection  |  Crystal Palace Film Festival 2017


London Drugs 'Check'
Dir. Chris Wilkinson
Hadron x Rethink
Casinos BC 'Play Together'
Dir. Mads K. Baekkevold
Wallop x Pound & Grain
phantom screens
Dir. Mads K. Baekkevold
Spycar x Veto
Trulioo 'A Trusted View'
Dir. Mads K. Baekkevold
Wallop x Pendo
Destination Vancouver
'a world of taste'
Dir. Mads K. Baekkevold
Wallop x Patio
Doctors Manitoba
'We're with you'
Dir. Jordan Findlay
Boldly x Will
Revanesse 'Faces'
Dir. Jacob Hinmon
Dir. Bronwyn Davies
The Heist
Greater Vancouver Food Bank 'The Journey of an Apple'
Dir. Kasey Lum
Boldly x Rich & Jay
BCLC 'Be a Player'
Dir. Robjn Taylor
Boldly x 123W
Chiwis 'Sweet, But not too Sweet'
Dir. Christine Bortolin
Jae Esmane SS21
Dir. Sebastian Hill-Esbrand
BCLC 'Play Now'
Dir. Robjn Taylor
Boldly x 123W
SRAM 'Rival'
Dir. Drew Pautler
The Heist x GFC
Casinos BC 'Together'
Dir. Jordan Findlay
Boldly x Pound & Grain
Ziploc 'Hot Mess'
Dir. Emma Higgins
Boldly x Energy BBDO
Softbank 'Pepper'
Dir. Guillaume Cosson
SweetDoh! x HK Corp Paris
Sundown Festival
Dir. Josiah Singh
Rogue Creative
Playbook 'Ahead of the Game'
Dir. Zoey Lee
Westfield 'For ALl Your Moments'
Dir. Frank Huang
Dida Media

music videos

josh Ramsay 'Can't Give It Up'
Dir. Kyle Davison
Mossom Media
Lights 'In My Head'
Dir. Lindsey Blane
Josh Ramsay 'Lady Mine'
Dir. Emma Higgins
Breagh Isabel 'Girlfriends'
Dir. Tamara Black
Gary Barlow 'Elita'
Michael BublÉ Segment
Dir. Emma Higgins
Lance Priester 'Satellite'
Dir. Gautier Billotte
SweetDoh! x HK Corp Paris
Faze Miyake Ft. Merky Ace & AJ Tracey 'None of That'
Dir. Biskwee
Fisheye Moments


PORTER X Loulou de Saison
Dir. Alexandra Dawson
PORTER X Jeannete Madsen
Dir. Conor Gorman
PORTER X Robin Wright
Dir. Conor Gorman
PORTER X Lily James
Dir. Conor Gorman
PORTER 'Dressing Up Box'
Dir. Luke Spencer
PORTER x brie larson
Dir. Luke Spencer